sometimes naked is just was happens before you get dressed

    so, due to my poor planning ability, i usually don’t do things in an order that makes universal sense.  this morning was a perfect example.  i was about to get into the shower when i realized i wanted to listen to music while showering.  we have these great wireless speakers, but the whosie-what’s-it (you know where the ipod goes) is in the kitchen.  this was how i ended up streaking through the house.  so i wisk around the corner into the kitchen to find my mr. hasn’t left for work yet……right ladies you know what that means.  “well, you can’t expect me not to react to that can you”.  well actually i can because my morning is planned and going back to bed wasn’t part of it.  followed by, “what are you doing today?”  that’s the husband’s idea of foreplay.  hot isn’t it?  i feel all toasty just typing this.  so, i still find him really cute, but the boy NEVER had moves and time together hasn’t improved anything much.  there has been a learning curve though.  “you’re not cool enough to do it right now.”  i have to say that that one fed right into my punk rock sensibilities….once.  he tried that one a couple more times and i had to give in because he was so very proud of himself.  another good one was, “i bet all woman wish that their husbands were after them all of the time like i am after you.”  doubt it.  still gave in though again because he is pretty stinking cute and i’m a sucker for cute.

     see sometimes i’m just getting naked because i need to peel off the pj’s i’ve worn all weekend.  sometimes it’s because it’s too hot to wear clothes.  sometimes it’s to see how long i can go before the neighbors call the cops.
     sometimes it’s because i’m giving him the nod.  it’s the not knowing that keeps it spicy.  that’s what i keep telling him anyway.  good egg that he is, he keeps taking a gamble.
color me lucky!

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  1. Annie

    Did you wear the yellow shirt? That’s hot.

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