sure, i'll be the butt

so, some people are organized, some are good at math.  me, i got the power of funny.  i’ve learned to live with it.  i’m sure i’ll be ok eventually,but it’s been a hard life (not really).

let’s go back a bit. i remember someone saying to me in grade school, “i was watching you when you didn’t know it and you were still being goofy.”  ok so i’ll let a little secret out, i’m just in it to entertain myself.  i like to laugh as much as the next person.  not unlike discovery i.d. the giggles, right up there with the crack rock.  unlike crack, laughter doesn’t kill, but being a goof ball can sure get you in trouble.  see, this stuff it just falls into me head and out of my mouth.  i don’t think about it.  if i had ever learned that skill, maybe i could have saved my self some tight spots.  so nothing makes me feel more alive than when a room is laughing…at me.  i don’t care if it’s at me cause like i said on the inside i’m laughing too.  the downside is because it’s like a drug, i don’t know when to stop.  i usually carry thing a little too far.  another secret, that’s where they joy comes in.  i LOVE to make people blush.  hmmm, does that make me a masochist?  ok, i’m cool with that.  not only do i love to watch the color rise from the neck to the top of someone’s head, but ill probably point my finger and make sure everyone else sees it too.  yeah, that makes me sound kinda….mean, or something….let’s change the subject.
back in time again.  at a slumber party in fifth grade, i have very clear memories of being in the center of a group…
i had stuffed pillows in my pj bottoms and was running around the room cheering don’t squeeze the charmin.  this went on for quite sometime.  people where howling.  parents kept coming in and yelling for us to be quiet.  i would not be silenced.  this little lion needed to roar.
another secret…i’m not sure whose pillows they were.

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