the best laid plans

    so, i had a two day board meeting this weekend.  there was a dinner friday night and an all day meeting saturday.  i didn’t need to, but i chose to stay in the hotel overnight.  picture a quiet room.  two beds.  a lap top.  a book.  no one else.  heaven, right?  not forever, just one night.  i was never one of those girls who understood why people go to the bathroom together.  i like to be alone.  yeah that’s right, call me greta garbo.  i vant to be alone.

     in a perfect world i would have stayed up until i finished the book i was reading, no matter how late that meant it was that i would have turned out the light.  in real life, the meeting started pretty early in the morning.  in atypical fashion i chose to be responsible.  i turned out the light at 11…. and the rump shaking music started.  i feel like maybe the blogging gods were poking fun because i had just gone on about how much i love music.  how i love to play it loud.  while that’s true even druggies take a break from time to time.  i like to sing about the BOOM BOOM BOOM as much as the next person.  but the donger need sleep.  great day in the morning. and by great day i mean that stuff went on until 5AM.  i needed to get up at 7.  so let me rephrase not so great day in the morning.  

funny how things happen.  it ended up being the best part of the day. 



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