the hubs no more

so, as i said before the hubs doesn’t read the monkey.  his reason was that he lives it (me) and doesn’t need to hear my stories.  someone must have emailed him rumpus room redo,

because he emailed me that he doesn’t like being referred to as the hubs.  here i thought i was changing the names of the innocent (term used loosely) to protect them.  he was generous enough to email me to offer a couple of names that he would be willing to sign off on.  

drum roll please : 

the hunk (he really needs to work on his self esteem) 

the stud (he has been going to the gym for a couple of years, but there is only so much that can be done with gynetics) 

 i read this email and giggled to myself and then did what any good wife would do

…i asked my kids which name daddy should have for the blog.  the kids responded simultainously that he should hence forth be called the stud (it did not go without notice that this was the first time that my kids have agreed in years.  no one said jinx, and then got in a fight over what comes next, double jinx or private jinx).  i should add that the bug thought i had said stubs (he still chose this name, with the sidebar that daddy isn’t stubby he’s built like a string bean). 

so, as you wish my master the stud (stubs) you shall be 

12 responses to “the hubs no more”

  1. Dushie

    The Stud just entered himself into a world of pain. He’ll be longing for the Hubs in not time. I can’t wait to see studley do right again.

  2. Dushie

    also don’t tell Studerella that I giggle at the same point in the story that you did.

  3. EH Shuba

    secret’s safe my dushie.

  4. LadyWanderlust aka LisaB

    Girl, you crack me up. I call my ex, the X. Original, huh? Better than sperm donor or Douche Lord.

    Damn, woman, how much security do I have to get through to post a comment? 😉

  5. EH Shuba


    thanks ladylust! i am moving to word press in mid may and can hardly wait.  oh the douche lord is really perfection.
  6. EH Shuba

    i know, i thought he had engaged the ignore button long ago…silly rabbit

  7. Jill D

    There’s a bar for that (Stubby’s on East Frederick)

  8. EH Shuba

    ha ha

  9. gregj

    I came here from wink at me, I know I wanna.
    I’ve been there off and on for a little while.

    So, what do you think of this Homer thing? Not to worry, right?

  10. EH Shuba

    well thanks for stopping by! hmmm, i think it’s ok.  she likes to be in charge and the Z boys don’t let her….what do you think?

  11. gregj

    Oh, I was hoping for more reassurance from you.
    She changed from mother of the year to the spinster list. I hope that’s not to do with the homers. She’s not going to get anymore of them, is she? Like a cat lady, with a house full. Some day z or z will find her under a pile of homers……ugh.

    I’d better quit. I don’t know her well enough to go too much further. She’s a funny lady, so she may see some humor here, as intended.

  12. EH Shuba

    hey greg,

    she likes to keep us on our toes for sure.  i love the visual of her under a pile of homers.  no worries, one of her most endearing qualities is the ability to laugh at herself.  thanks again for coming to wrenchville from the winker, e

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