the rumpus room redo deux

so, historically i get a project started and then stubby hunk hubs swoops in and finishes the job when i get “stumped”.  it’s this fun little dance we do.  it works for us (me).  see, if i waited for him to start the project, it would never happen.  the planets have to align and sagittarius has to be rising or some such hippy crap.

so the plan was that i would prep the rumpus room for him to lay the carpet squares (that was my plan any way i have a fear of sharp blades).  so it turns out that 30 year old carpet squares take a lot of effort to remove.  2 days of pulling them up and then scraping the “glue” that had turned to dust, in some cases, off the floor.  there may also have been some toxic stuff in the air, but of course i was not wearing a mask…oopsie.  don’t worry, when you’re as smart as i am you have brain cells to spare.  

so here was the plan…put on short shorts, so when stubby hunk hubs comes home, he would see me and not be able to help himself.  he would be put under the spell of my lovely lady lumps. under said spell he would jump to my every whim.  which today would extend to laying some carpet…really, on the floor.  it’s a win win.  who knows maybe i would even work in front of him to get the motor (of his carpet layer) going.  except, nothing in my life goes according to plan.  some chicks have self esteem issues.  i’m no exception.  my issue is that i always think i look better than i do.  so, stubby comes down stairs takes one look at me and tells me not to work too hard.  he cautions that i don’t have to do it all in one day.  

son of hot house whore!  

i go upstairs after finishing ALL BY MYSELF to take a shower.  take one look at myself and can hardly blame the man for running the other way.  

note to self, take a shower and tame wild witchy looking hair before attempting lady lump spell.  

note taken,


2 responses to “the rumpus room redo deux”

  1. LisaB

    Dear Studly/Stubby the Hubby, Did you NOT get your script? Now you ruined the whole production and you made your best girl crumple up and die and cry in a fetal position on the floor with all those toxins. Nice job. Next time, follow the script.

    :) Hugs, Pootie Pie

  2. EH Shuba

    oh my lovely pootie pie, you would think after 13 years he would have learned that good things come to a man that follows his script.

    ho hum!
    and thanks for breaking into fort knox to leave a comment. 
    count down to word press begins……

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