the sage of age

so, the summer that my grandmother was losing her battle with pancreatic cancer, i was shipped off for a month to live with her sister. as happens in big families, my mother’s aunt (her mother’s sister) was closer in age to her.  this meant that i (as the oldest child of my mother) was closer in age to her cousin (the youngest child of my mother’s aunt).  i’m not sure why explaining this was important to me…but i guess it is.  any way, i’m in new england for the month of june.  i was 13 and a sponge for life.  although i guess that much hasn’t changed with age.  a lot can happen in a month.  it was the summer of the lebanon hostage crisis.  which is even more educational while you are living in the house with a right winged swedish national….who yells.  also, it was  the summer of shout by tears for fears.  aww…memories!

the low of the trip had to do with my other cousin A’s dog.  A was breeding her (i can’t remember if it was the golden retriever or german pointer) dog and was planning on using the money from the sale of the pups to fund a trip through europe.  while the dog was in heat there were suitors stalking the yard from all angles.  the bitch wanted out.  i came into the house one morning and she darted past me.  oh my, did my uncle yell.  i was the dumbest kid he knew. how could i let that happen.  a small fact, the dog was about my size and i’m not sure how i could have prevented it.  they managed to round her up without any seed being spilled. hallelujah! 

the upside of the month was the education i got from my cousin T.  she is 3 years older than i.  so she was in the throws of her teenage years.  plus she was the youngest of 4 so no one was watching….her parents, like mine with the buddy, were far too tired.  T took me to a party where i sat on a cooler in the garage with a full beer (the whole night) and people watched.  i’ve been a people watcher since birth.  the pinnacle of the trip, was our visit into “town” with her best friend.  she asked me if i wanted to go sit in a hot tub.  heck yeah, why wouldn’t i?!  turns out that hot tubbing in the mid 80’s…actually  a bath house.  you know the ones that you heard so much about that were where aids had taken hold of the gay community? i don’t think any of us (except T’s best friend who was gay) knew what the other fellows were doing in the other “rooms”.  in case you are curious, a bath house is a lot like an hourly hotel.  each room is just big enough for a 4 person hot tub.  so yeah, one of my fondest childhood memories is sitting naked in a hot tob with my cousin and her best friend.  this could explain a lot about the person i became.  best of all when T was in town for the bird’s reception last week.  she asked me if i remembered going to a bath house with her that time.  uh, yeah, like it was yesterday.  she kinda turned red and said, well at least i never made you do anything illegal.  

noooo, it was all above board. what an education! 



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  1. LadyWanderlust aka LisaB

    Girl, you have a past. An interesting past! LOL

  2. EH Shuba

    yeah and these are the bits i remember

  3. EH Shuba

    yeah and these are the bits i remember

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