6 responses to “the show must go on”

  1. Joanne

    A techie dance!!! Yay! You go girl! When I was stage managing at F&M we used to do one before the Spring dance concert. I miss working on live theater……

  2. JenBallz

    As always, it’s great to start my day with an amusing story from you!!!

    It’s tonight??? I have to work:( Hopefully Michael can bring our kiddo to watch. I wanna help next year, sign me up!! I can do some props or something, and Michael was actually a production assistant in LA years and years ago, so sign him up too. There’s alcohol afterwards, right;)

    PS – writing “years and years ago” makes a girl feel old.

  3. Me

    Lordy wish I woulda been a fly on that wall…….

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