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  1. JenBallz

    The whole flipping out thing is the only thing that’s really ever worked for me with the fighting! One time I tried having them write 10 things they liked about each others. Emily’s started out well – mentioning specific kindness and such, but ended up with a bunch of “you have pretty hair” and superficial stuff. Brittany just didn’t get it – “I like when you turn off that stupid music when I tell you to” and “I like when you keep your annoying friends away from me” – not really what I was hoping for!!

  2. jem

    E! am so relating here, to the strict parenting thing. It is the only thing that works. I flipped on Ava last night,…as she is in her momma needs to ask me fifteen hundred times to do something before i do it,… stage. NOT COOL. I have been pretty relaxed about it so far but unleashed some scary shit last night. Frank looked at me like i had twenty heads. I think i actually may have.
    I also morphed into the “this behavior isn’t fair to mommy, bullshit,…she doesn’t give a hoot, but i did my best to play that card.

    And, i must say that she is better today.
    fingers crossed.

    Living parallell lives?
    biggest kiss and may the force be with you.

    oh, and the warbling,….describes my daughter to a TEE.
    i think i may have to use that description from now on. Warbling Warblinger


  3. Scargosun

    It’s like a shock and awe campaign. Sometimes I think kids need it.
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  4. dushie

    Glad you didn’t punch my lights out when you gave me a lift to the train on your way to boxing.

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