the world is my church

     so, this life is not a bus ride to ascension.   we’re here to do real work.  to be active in our communities.  to make change where it is necessary.  to improve our selves and our world.  if you are treading water, you aren’t really living. if you see that something needs to be done (be it picking up trash or loving a child) it is your responsibility to make it happen.  ass, grass, or gas, nobody rides for free.  every breath you take is a gift.  with that gift come the responsibility to leave a mark here.  a positive mark.  a gold star of a mark.  if you are thinking “i should really….”, you should DO.

    i’m not perfect.  i’m flawed, but i’m trying.  they say the first step is acknowledging what needs to change.   i’m bossy, and irreverent.  i hug way too hard.  sometimes i bite my kids (they are just that yummy).  i often believe that i know the best way to do things…and like them done my way.  i over think things.  i obsess.  i interrupt people when they are talking.  i don’t like surprises.  i want what i want, when i want it.

    my grandmother used to say our faults are our charms.  i may be the most charming person i know.



4 responses to “the world is my church”

  1. dushie

    Amen to that!

  2. EH Shuba


  3. Joanne B

    Here’s a second amen! What if this life is ascension? What if “heaven” is right here on earth? What if we are “God”? What if it is all one in the same? Think of that the next time you look someone in the eye!

  4. EH Shuba

    well said!

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