there's no place like home

     so, i’m a lover.  i always have been.  when i was younger i had a harder time channeling my “passion”.  so it probably didn’t feel that way for those around me. i can’t help it.  i feel things…deeply…and then i’m not afraid to tell people about those feelings.  i get how that may not be fun to be around.  i realize that i am not easy.  i’m a challenge.  i’m a tough nut.  i won’t be ignored….so don’t even try.   you never have to wonder how i feel about you.  i’ve gotten a bit better about hiding it if i’m not a fan. generally if you think i’m funny, you’re in….whether you want to be or not.  that’s what i wanted to get to.  there have been people in my life that have taken a step back…or a running leap in the other direction.  it always blows me away.  i guess i wore them out.  like a pair of shoes.  the thing is, i can never bring myself to throw out shoes. i have way too many pairs. i have running shoes with no support left.  i have shoes from high school.   they’re still in pretty good shape and you never know when they may become fashionable again.  when i put them on i am filled with the memories of all of the good times that we had together.  people are like shoes.  if when you see them in your closet you can still smile, they are keepers.  so i guess for a lot of people i’m like a nice broken in pair or red shoes.  as comfortable as bare feet, but they don’t go with every outfit.

what kind of shoes are you?




6 responses to “there's no place like home”

  1. JEM

    oh god,…i’d be a Marie Osmond kind of shoe,…a little bit country..cowboy boot,.. a little bit stilletto.
    Friends are definitely like shoes,….some are better suited for certain venues than others.

  2. EH Shuba

    for sure!  can’t wear clear plastic hooker shoes to pto…

  3. John C. Bailey

    Black, Air Force issue, steel-toe combat boots, a shine on the toes, every other surface beat to shit, with fat, chunky zippers permanently laced into them. That’s me.

  4. EH Shuba

    for sure!

  5. Abby

    Oh, Elizabeth, please wear the plastic hooker shoes to PTO! I promise that I’ll make it to that meeting just to see the reaction.

  6. EH Shuba

    only for you A.  it may take me the whole hour just to get up the steps in those things

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