they're nice kids for f-tards

     so, i have nice kids.  not to each other, and not so much to me.  yet, i have heard that out in the world, they exhibit manners and kindness.  the quandary is, some of my kids friends aren’t really all that nice.  there is the one who argues with me about everything.  the one who flat out tells me what to do (nobody is the boss of me).  see the thing is in all these cases i really like the parents of these brats.  i have tried redirecting my kids to play with someone else.  they don’t like me to be the boss of them either, so that never works.  they seem to think that the kids i like are dorks.  it will be a huge surprise to them when they come face to face with the fact that they are dorks too.  i mean, they come by it honestly.  they have dork on both sides of the family for crying out loud.  

    here’s the kicker.  there is one kid in particular that the husband can’t stand.  this tickles me because he is normally so easy going.  (he’d have to be to be married me all this time)  i think it’s a riot to tell him little (fill in the blank) is coming over.  he pitches a temper tantrum.  “oh man, why?”  like little what’s their face is going to play with him.  ah, cracks me up every time.  then when it’s time for the kid to go home, he wants to be the one to say it.  “hey, (fill in the blank) hit the road.

again, can’t get enough of that one.  



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