this is why i should sit in the back….alone

     so, my dushie pushed me to attend a blogging workshop.  i usually don’t go for those sorts of things because i have a short attention span and i tend to shout out what i’m thinking (a friday afternoon rant ).  since i have been thinking about moving my blog to wordpress (wordpress always makes me think of coffee. ah sweet java pressed as only the french can.), i thought it would be smart to go.  wow, was i ever right.  i was lucky enough to meet the facilitator/instructor type person tara (she’s gonna make my blog pretty and better in general.  cause that’s what she does…among other things.  check her out at  she is much more savvy than i (i’m sure that’s why she was at the front of the group and not sitting in a chair beside me.).  

    i managed to behave myself for the first couple of hours, but then i found an audience. there was this sweet fellow (my daughter tells me that no one says fellow anymore.  to which i respond, “i’m old school”.)  he had the most wonderful giggle and i could no longer focus on the the tasks at hand.  it was all about entertaining the wood worker.  i think on of my favorite assburners moments of the morning was when tara said, “but more on that later.”  i responded with, “did you just call us morons?”  

what?! that’s comedic genius….just ask me.  

where ever i go there i am….laughing,

p.s. i would like to apologize for laughing about the three legged dog.  the grown up in me knows that i shouldn’t have laughed….unfortunatly i am ruled by a 12 year old boy (it’s ok i come with instructions).

6 responses to “this is why i should sit in the back….alone”

  1. tara - scoutie girl

    i’m so glad you were in the workshop!! thanks for coming. and don’t worry about the 3-legged dog, jan would laugh too. when it first happened, it was sad but now the dog is just as spunky as ever!

    can’t wait to get started with your project. love your point of view & your wit!

  2. EH Shuba

    oh phew! long live scout . i really am a huge animal lover…also a lover of the irreverent and unfortunately my giggler won out.  i can’t wait to see what you cook up. thanks a million tara!

  3. Dushie

    ehemm funny how you don’t mention the part where you were jumping around because your foot was asleep or that you threw me under the bus telling them all I only had 6 readers! Comedic genius my arse.

  4. EH Shuba

    um ok……i would like to clarify that i was speaking of both of our readership.  we both know you have far more than 6 and much more than i.  that said when it comes to comedy, no one is safe. sorry it’s the price you pay for being mine

  5. dushie

    Ohhh okaaaayyy – I’ll take it – for the sake of comedy that is.

  6. EH Shuba

    you’re such a good egg

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