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  1. Mary Chairs

    Okay, this one got me (not that other posts haven’t). I, too, hate that my 8 year old catches a bus at 7:55 am when its still dark out and he still has sleep lines on his face. How insane is this? I don’t ever leave for work that early so why is my second grader required to hit the ground running so early in the morning. ugh!
    Work load, disorganization, stress…when did we start accepting these words into our vocabulary to describe our tween children’s worlds? I guess I should be thankful that driveby shooting, drug dealers, and homelessness aren’t included in my everyday world too as they are in so many other people’s lives. But it really is in our everyday world, just in much more subtle ways. Your daughter can’t carry her backpack because of the risk of weapons and drugs being in her bag. So we just put the stress on her and let drug dealers and vigalantes figure out some other way to hide their stuff. But really, why do we let it happen? I know I can’t solve all the problems of the world and that my nirvana may look very different than someone else’s, but there does seem to be a lack of common sense going on.
    On a positive note – how awesome that her teachers saw it and got involved. That’s great. Unfortunately, the more organized you get the bigger the consequences when something goes missing. Tom has everything in one binder, great that he only has to remember one binder, but oh boy are the consequences high if he loses it :)

  2. Mel

    I feel that pain, and so does the boy. His strategy is to empty his locker into his backpack EVERY night so that he has all he needs to get his homework done, whatever it may be. He has gone with the “one HUMONGOUS binder” strategy so that everything is on his person at all times. One day, he went to school with a pencil on a string paper-clipped to his pants so that he had one for the day. (Apparently, keeping track of a pencil is overwhelming too.) What are “we” doing to them? They will be burnt out by their freshman year at this rate. I too was a stressed out, neurotic basket case at the ripe age of twelve, but watching it is way worse!

  3. Mary

    thanks for stirring my pot today :)

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