today my boy is a man

no, we haven’t had his bar mitzvah.  yet, something as memorable has happened in my young man’s life.  last night we gathered in the rumpus room for a nice PG movie together.  one of my favorites from my youth.  the Clash of the Titans…the original one.  we four were sat around the tellie reveling in the releasing of the Kraken, eating popcorn, and enjoying the cool indoors.

an a side, if i may…sometimes i forget that the PG of the early 80’s was a bit different than it is now as we have our better defined PG-13.  well this fine difference will not soon be forgotten.

while i do love the original Clash of the Titans, it has been a really long time since i had seen it unedited.  so, you remember the scene where andromeda is bathing before she is about to be sacrificed to the Kraken?  Remember the boob and butt shot as she exits the tub?  yeah, me either.  i can assure you that the bug will not forget anytime too soon.  these are the kinds of things that one counts on their husband to remember. nope, it comes up on our giant new TV, it’s boobs and butt 30 feet high. stubs looks back at me (i’m looking at my phone, playing scrabble, not paying attention….of course) and says… nothing.

it’s not until we get upstairs after the movie, that stubs informs me of the nude view.  well, i handle the information as any sensitive loving mother would.  i wait until he can’t run away.  i’m putting eye drops in his eyes and i say,

“hey, what did you think of the naked lady in the movie?”

without missing a beat he asks, “how many days is it until we leave for the shore?”

me:”wait! did you just change the subject?”


me: “well done! i have taught you well grasshopper.  when backed into a corner, diversion is the only tactic.  so really, how about the boobs?”

that’s when his father yelled from the other room to leave the boy alone.

he’s no boy, today he is a man…(sniffle)


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  1. Holly B

    Ewww that is always so uncomfortable. I can remember when I took the DS to see True Lies. That Jamie Lee Curtis dancing scene. I wanted to run and hide.

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