too hot too hot baby gotta run for shelter

so, it’s 80 degrees in april in the north east.  there was no transition to 80.  it was just suddenly HOT.  what does this mean for me?  well first my hair has reached epic proportion.  think carrot top meets don king times 10.  i know super hot right?  

i get a text from my sister to come meet her.  i would have been so into it, but i have a veggie sub from subway jones that needed to be answered.  i said i’d stop by thinking i could maybe get something to eat with her.  hmmm, should have paid closer attention on the phone, but i’m pretty sure she didn’t say, meet me in a smoked filled dive bar where they will not be serving anything resembling a veggie sub from subway let alone what you would call….food.  so i bolted.  the thing about driving around in unanticipated hot weather is that, at least if you’re me, you get sweaty.  so i got my sandwich and hatched a plan.  go home get it underpants.  strategically place self on bed under ceiling fan and consume sandwich at mach speed. aw!!!!!! color me itch scratched!  

here’s the fall out:

1) fat and happy with food not interested in getting redressed.  dogs have to go out.  not even in matching ensemble, so as to pull of as a bathing suit.  neighbor raking across the street. really dude? it’s the middle of the day.  go to the movies or something.  instead i just wave….with fervor. when in doubt confuse them.

2)while eating, had tweeted about eating lunch in under garments. dushie thought it was funny enough to retweet.  she did some cutting and pasting and went about her workday.  went to add her digital signature on an email and instead added, eating veggies sub in my underpants.  poor mr rock buyer may never be the same again. 

3)wondering if anyone would notice if i picked the kids up from school in my underpants……..ok… would they care?  

she wears short shorts,


10 responses to “too hot too hot baby gotta run for shelter”

  1. dushie

    Wow you portray my job as so ultra glamorous…..I am a rock seller? Can’t we make it sound a little more interesting like I sell the rock in rock and roll? Or I am a rock star miner? Or I will rock your socks off Mr. rock buyer.

  2. EH Shuba


  3. LisaB

    Nothing says professionalism and customer service like Eat a Sub in My Panties! ROFLMAO.

    Dushie Pie and Dushie St. Marie, I am so incredibly, undeniably in love with the two of you. I wish I had the Dushie Channel on my line up.

    Going to eat pasghetti, but I am not in my underpants….maybe I should enforce new dress code at the Mac House. Pants Optional Dinners. :)

  4. EH Shuba

    pants optional…it’s sweeping the nation.

    thanks for reading lady!
  5. Kate

    You are a flipping riot! Seriously.

  6. EH Shuba

    aw thanks kate

  7. Jill D

    OMG…I think she is smokin her rocks and not selling them! Is her customer now a fan of your blog? That would have to be the only way to prove she was not insane…

  8. EH Shuba

    oh jilly insane is the new black

  9. fcvlzuht



  10. csvriuru

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