we is a four letter word

      so, i’m a pretty level headed person (lie). i don’t really get my panties in a bunch about much(big lie).  most stuff just roles right off my back (not even close to the truth). but, nothing makes my head explode more than when someone says we when they really mean me (meaning E, me all alone not you too, just me).  example, “oh boy WE really need to do some laundry”. hmm really because i’m pretty sure that if WE needed to do some laundry only it looked like going for a ride on OUR motorcycle or watching the game with a beer, WE would have it folded and in OUR drawers.

     because, i am so mature and not at all petty (another gigantic lie), i have started responding to these comments with, “this part of we”…or “that makes one of us”.  because that’s me, i’m a problem solver.  just like vanilla ice says yo give me a problem and i’ll solve it, listen to this tune while my dj revolves it.  i really look up to vanilla ice and think that i am going to write him in for president in 3 years.
there is nothing that baggy pants and shaving lines in one eyebrows can’t solve.
     i’m going to go do our laundry now…wanna be done so i can curl up in bed and watch my stories with my bonbons and my rats.

6 responses to “we is a four letter word”

  1. dushie

    give him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe they have a new Wii game out called Doin’ the Laundry and he just wanted you to play. You just had we spelled wrong

  2. Mary Chairs

    Ha ha…kills me too. Got it today at school, “We really need to remember our uniform belt.” Really, because I don’t wear a uniform belt. Love your blog.

  3. KC

    My husband and I are equally guilty and are great offenders of the WE syndrome. However, while I just get angry, my husband artfully ducks them as I lob (is that a word) them over the invisible wall of ‘get off your arse and do something.’

  4. EH Shuba

    oh yes my friend, lob is most definitely a word . thanks for stopping by

  5. EH Shuba

    you should definitely start wearing a uniform…their hot

  6. EH Shuba

    thanks mar!

    i think it would be awesome if you showed up at school next time in a uniform

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