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  1. Diane Mastromatteo

    I really love this blog for so many reasons. First, I think this shows how on purpose a mother you are, and from our talks the protectiveness of yor children while letting them have a wide peramiter to explore. You are a great example of a mom, but also as a great leader of example!

  2. indylora

    You know Emma’s nickname is bug too. She carries the burdens and weights of all her friends problems on her shoulders and had her very own breakdown the other night. She could not sleep and was worried for several things beyond belief for a 15 year old. High school is so hard for such an innocent truly good hearted girl. I don’t know what you believe or anything but I just wanted to tell you how I dealt with that. We believe in Jesus and go to church most weeks. She went to a Christian school her whole life until this Freshman year of high school. I told her she needed to PRAY for her firends dealing with difficult things, I told her she need not carry the burden not meant for her shoulders. This does not mean not to care and be supportive. I told her to give the situations to God and ask him to take them off her shoulders because His are big enough and hers are not. I told her to be there for her friends, but her worrying changes nothing. Worry does not change the outcome of any situation. So, we read some verses that pertain to anxiety and worry, etc…and this really helped her a lot. Not trying to stuff my beliefs down anyones throat at all. But if you believe in a higher power, sometimes giving it away mentally, clears out a lot of junk we hold in our minds. Love you and your blog!!!!!

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