What I learned #81

1) i can taste eye drops.

2) the first couple of showers after surgery…..I wore goggles.

3) in a face off with a woopie pie, I will ALWAYS lose.

4) it amuses me more than it should to pack punk kids stuff to ship while listening to decidedly non-punk music.

5) Sometimes, no amount of coffee is enough.

6) I am constantly trying to talk myself out of the need for a shower.

7) has anyone seen the laundry fairy?

8)Clementines are divine. I refuse to call them cuties.

9) I could also use the work fairy and the grocery fairy.

10) I can hardly wait to see all my sibs in one room.

And one to grow on:

Back to the stress of the holidays.  I love getting cards in the mail. It’s so nice to see everyone’s kids. I have decided that 2012 will be the year of the Halloween card. I missed the boat this year.  In prior years where I have gotten my act together enough to get cards out before the 25th, instead of feeling a sense of accomplishment, I have only felt like I could have better spent that time doing things like…sleeping, cleaning, relaxing, or maybe even finding my zen.  So it came to me, halloween cards.  A big thanks to MFG (My Fucking Great cousin) for validation of this splendid idea.  Merry Halloween everybody and a happy new year





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