what i learned monday

1)i’m a sucker for the Tony’s.

2) if given the choice, i would take a pedicure over food, but not over coffee.

3)there are only so many hours in the day, and i would gladly sleep for 18 1/2 of them.

4)the stubs would like to keep his punk rock and his broadway separate.  guess we won’t be seeing american idiot….eh no loss.

5)the minute i tell myself that i need to work on cleaning out the fridge, i realize there is nothing in there that i want to eat.  then i have to work super hard to sell the fam on that stuff while i nosh on a veggie sub.

6)there is a ridiculousness in bathing rats. even funnier is watching them turn tubby time items into life rafts. 

7)the pressure of vacationing with 5 families that we haven’t with before is exacerbated by the fact that i am forgetful and disorganized.

8)i always clean compulsively before we go away.

9)i can not watch soccer and drink at other people’s houses. luckily my fab. neighbors weren’t too peeved by the cider on the wall.

10)still loving my thermal cup….i have had to replace it a couple of times…

one to grow on

i am a challenge, i am work, i am difficult and self righteous and stubborn, and he loves me all the same.

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