What I learned Monday #103

My neighbor is having his roof replaced, with an Amish company. I have learned much, but these are a few of the best.

1)evidently, it’s totally normal for the boss of the out fit to say to his worker “here, hold this” and the “this” is a gigantic ladder, and the holder is standing at the top of another ladder on the roof.

2)I don’t know what it was referring to but one worker said to the boss, “thanks for sharing.” the boss said, “sharing is caring”.

3)it’s woodpile pie season, give me strength.

4) sometimes, when I’m listening to music while I’m working, I pretend the keyboard is a piano and I’m rocking out with the band….ok, more than sometimes.

5) I wish I was a better listener.

6)I got invited to guys night out, cuz I’m one of the guys.

7) (at least this crew) Amish listen to the radio at work. I suppose I wasn’t that surprised that it was country that they were listening to. It seems to make sense.

8)I noticed for the first time while watching “a new hope” that there is a shot, when Han and the crew have already gotten on their ship, that a group of storm troopers walk into the room and one of them hits his head as he crosses the threshold of the door.

9)sometimes I want to post text correspondence between JRF and myself. I choose not to because I assume we are the only ones who will think that it’s THAT funny.


And one to grow on
Compassion, I realize I have fallen short. I’m not sure why it is so, but it seems I am better able to
hold up someone I care less for. While when I love someone dearly I push them to hold themselves up. I suppose like anything else a little “a” and a little of “b” makes a well rounded person. Perhaps this is less of something learned and more of a work in progress.

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