what i learned monday

1)no matter how much fun you have 8 hours is a long way to go for the beach.

2)this will take several days to heal. and by this i mean lack of sleep, too much drink, and WAY too much eat.

3) we were on vacation with a great group of kids.

4)spicy indian food is never a good idea in the middle of an 8 hour car ride.

5)nothing says welcome home like a houseful of poop and pee.

6)i would rather do anything other than steam clean carpets first thing after an 8 hour drive.

7)bed never felt so good.

8)sleep never felt so good.

9)the rat’s lump gets bigger every week.

10)home isn’t where the heart is, but it’s good to get back none the less.

and one to grow on

i’m gonna get better at big groups of people. or try to anyway.  just know that if i need to step away, it’s me not you

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  1. Real Dads Hangout

    You made it home in one piece so that is good however eating Indian food in a car is something I must try. I need something to keep the family in line while I drive!

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