what i learned monday

1) i love my bed… above all others.

2) i don’t miss the heavy pitter patter of small children running…at least not while trying to sleep.

3)i gotta stop beginning questions with “you know how…”

4) other woman don’t find hair from their head in their butt crack, hours after they have showered and dressed.  or, if they do, they weren’t willing to admit it to me.

5)deodorant and perfume can not overpower garlic as it seeps from your skin into the atmosphere around you….*sigh*.

6) my trainer has no problem calling me out on my garlic aura.  he’ll wait until the end of the session though to do it.  thus, making me believe until the 11th hour that i have overcome the stench.

7)my lack of filter makes people worry what i must say about them in their absence.  fear not, what ever i say, it will be right to your beautiful face.

8)one CAN eat too many hotdogs and hamburgers.

9) too many fireworks are never enough.

10)i am the luckiest.

and on to grow on

when you encounter bad news about someone you know, rather than sharing the news in a town “crier style”, see if you can offer comfort or help of any kind to the friend.  schadenfreude is a sin.

4 responses to “what i learned monday”

  1. Christina Dunlap

    Another fine piece.

  2. JenBallz

    #4 – Other women MUST have that problem, right? I sure do! We were just talking about this at work – feels like something crawling on your boobs/lower back but alas, when you finally get to go check it out in private, it’s just a left over hair. I have no problem reaching into my shirt between customers, but my pants? THAT I HAVE to do in private. most of the time. lol

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