what i learned monday

1)i am no longer the only heavily tattooed person at the beach….and yet people still stare.

2)being on vacation with my extended family is the best.


4)rummikub is a drinking game.

5)if given the choice of two twins or a double bed to share with stubby hubs hunk, i will always pick a twin…so would he.

6)i will miss regular soccer on regular tv.

7)people think i am laid back…this means i have them all fooled…mwahhhaa haa haa

8) i wish stubs was staying the whole week.

9)a squeeze of lime makes a vodka and cranberry perfect.

10)i am the luckiest

and one to grow on

anyone can align themselves with good people as friends.  the truly lucky, are those of us that have such people to call family.

4 responses to “what i learned monday”

  1. dushie

    am I in a cave? are you on vacation again?

  2. Annie

    Dushie, she’s a kept woman.

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