What I learned Monday #147

1) one of these days I will learn to cook the oatmeal with the burner below HIGH.
2) lip smackers are the best lipgloss, hands down.
3) the time has come where I buy clothes for the goose hoping she doesn’t like them and I can have them.
4) a Saturday in bed, even a sickly one, is so much more beloved when earned after a week of work.
5) my house may never be clean again.
6) I never met me a fainter I didn’t like.
7) ALWAYS get the cheese OUT of your cracker.
8) when it comes to extreme camping, I think I’ll leave it to the professionals and Boy Scouts.
9) it’s gonna be a great year, GO GUNNERS!
10) some pants just aren’t meant for bike riding. Also known as yes I can feel that my crack is out but what can I do about it now.

And one to grow on :

I’m a rescue. I bet you are too. Life has thrown me some curve balls. I have walked into a few walls. I have always been grateful for a second chance. An opportunity at redemption. Relieved that my lesser days are not my last word. I have learned, through trial and error, how to flourish when given the chance. In a home. Filled with love and laughter. I am a rescue. I am the the moose and the moose is me.

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