What I learned Monday #156

1) I am the WORST Christmas tree setter upper EVER….
2) Bad things happen to good people but they never go through it alone
3) Never trust a friendship as it is depicted onFB
4) This week I will be promoted from senior key holder to manager on duty…just for a day. You will call me sir
5) Fried turkey is BANGING.
6) 30 pounds of fried turkey doesn’t go as far as you might think.
7) Pint glasses make delightful wine glasses
8) Always have a sippy cup at the ready.
9) My head isn’t big enough for sunglasses and a beanie. This deeply saddens me.
10) there are many things that a t-rex can NOT do. I speak from experience.

And one to grow on:
I am the first to admit that there is no such thing as a selfless act. We do everything because there is a pay off. Whether that pay off is a full belly or warm heart cockles, we get something from the good deeds we do. What amazes me is when people need accolades for their good deed. Recently at the grocery store when asked to make a donation, when paying for my groceries, to st Jude’s the cashier complained that the grocery store gets “credit” for those donations. She didn’t think that was “right”. No one can get credit for your good deeds. You made them and that knowledge rests solely with you and your god. The doing of the deed should be enough. If you want recognition get on stage.

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  1. Shawn Williams

    As a manager, are you authorized to give me a caffe latte in a bucket? I HAVE A THIRST.

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