what i learned monday

1)this house it too quiet with out my babies

2)when your 11 year old forgets to pack her flip-flops in the steamer truck she insisted on packing herself.  she will be embarrassed if you show up with them a day later.  so sayeth the lord…or said 11 year old.

3)sending a lumpy pet rat to the big exercise wheel in the sky isn’t as easy as one might think….

4) i should not have put the rat down while the kidos were at camp…..dumb stupid.

5) hanging out with the Buddy when he is town necessitates 2 days of recovery…

6)dogs with kennel cough sound like those toys that you turn over to make the cow sound…

7)this summer is going TOO fast

8)i will work on being a better friend

9)stubby hubs hunk thinks i might be an animal hoarder….i say he should have given me one more baby..so there

10)one IS the loneliest number that you’ll ever do

one to grow one

there is a heaviness that rests in my body in the absence of my children.  i am me without them.  i would so much rather be an us. my mantra will be it’s only 5 days

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  1. Gene H

    I feel your pain with the “rather be an us.” My ex got the divorce she wanted, my kids, and is now dating the man she had an affair with while I live alone and have only visits. She has said herself that I was a good husband and am an extraordinary father! WTF? I’ve found my time alone to be great for rest and projects for the kids, like building dollhouses out of bookshelves or creating galactic empires for my son. I’d still much rather be living in the same house with my kids and have a facade of a marriage for 18+ years than live without my kids. I’m happy to no longer be married to a lying, unfaithful wife, but not a day passes that I don’t miss living with my kids.

    As for the rat, by “putting down,” do you mean that you set one of these Victor’s in the cage: http://ak.buy.com/db_assets/prod_lrg_images/803/211977803.jpg?

  2. dushie

    Sorry about Miss rat :(

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  4. Gene H

    Oh no… sounds like you could have made a movie: Driving Miss Daisy to the Pearl Gates or …to Saint Peter’s Place!!

  5. laura

    Go get another animal!!! How about a python. I know the boy would like that one. Maybe hunk a hunk hubs would too.

    I am a bit lost this summer…maybe i should appreciate what I have.

  6. Fiona

    Lucy will be sad when she learns about Daisy, however, she’ll be quick to point out that she’s probably in pet heaven with Burt (our guinea pig), Maggie (our cat) and Maddy (Aunt Heidi’s dog). It’s a veritable party up there and I think the animals are in charge of the people …

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