what i learned monday

1)mamma bird is happier when her babies are home.

2)it takes exactly 23 minutes for an 11 year old girl to go from missing you desperately to her usual snarky self.

3)a  9 year old boy who was horribly home sick for the first 4 days of camp, will leave on the fifth day wanting to keep coming until he can be a counselor at 15.

4)said 9 year old boy may or may not have projected his homesickness on the herd of daddy long leggers that populate the tent.

5)a flock of crows is called a murder.

6)the best part of summer is staying up to read until the small hours of the morning and then sleeping as long as you like.

7) summer is going too fast

8) “shopping” for a trombone for a 9 year old boy can give a person a serious case of the giggles.

9)i love the feeling of having the kids go through their drawers and closets in preparation of back to school shopping.  something so cathartic about the purge.

10) not a fan of back to school shopping.

and one to grow on

there is evil in the world.  this is evidenced when a man is denied health insurance after he has been “relieved” of his position when the employer knows full well that this man and his wife are weeks from having their second child.  no one can be denied insurance through cobra.  to make some one fight for cobra is malicious and uncaring.  karma will bring balance to all things.  that, and no one f@*ks with the people i love.

let it be known,


7 responses to “what i learned monday”

  1. stubby

    If only you could find a Lego trombone.

  2. Mert

    Too funny. If you find a trombone, let meknow. We need one too. Sebastian is so excited.

  3. dushie

    Wait! Stubby is now commenting??????????? and calling himself stubby?

  4. laura

    LOVE to purge!! We are working on it as well!

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