what i learned monday

1)persistence should be a virtue.

2)some how 4 hours of driving makes less sense when ones destination is a board meeting, than when one is headed to a soccer game.

3)i thrive when people underestimate me.

4)i may learn, one day, how to live my life in some other speed besides off and on.

5)tylenol pm may have stopped working for me

6)one trombone lesson does not a professional trombone player make.  this surprised the bug more than any one.

7)while summer may have gone by too fast, i guess it’s good to get back to regular life, so stuff can happen.  i’m too relaxed to write…..well.

8)the peach is the perfect food.

9)there is nothing worse than a bad peach

10)everyone needs to take a mama (pajama) day every once in a while.

and one to grow on

after many many years away from the stage, this theater major is eagerly looking forward to crossing the boards once more.  it’s just a stage reading, so no memory skills will be called into play.  it the vagina monologues, a subject that is near and dear to me.  if you are in the area and are interested, it’s august 30 at 8pm at EPAC.

6 responses to “what i learned monday”

  1. Gene H

    I *always* underestimate you! Hope that helps!!

  2. laura

    How about Stop to Full Throttle!

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  4. brew

    is it any surprise that the bug chose the trombone?

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