what i learned monday

1) i mourn the end of summer in the same way as i might the loss of a pet

2) the mourning period is fairly short lasting, as fall is my favorite holiday and the plans for halloween must commence.

3)i did not catch up on my sleep this summer….again.

4) i have finally tracked the sour smell in my house.  it’s the central air.  evidently i have the sense of smell of a tracker dog.  i can smell things that no other person can.  and no this doesn’t make me crazy.

5) shouting “ok deep throat”  at someone because they have forgotten to mute their heavy breathing on a conference call may cause the powers to be to knit their eye brows at you.  note taken.

6) saying the word “cunt” at a board meeting may cause the powers to be knit their eyebrows at you.  i guess i won’t invite them to see me perform that monologue next week. (in my defense, i was asked.  in truth, it made me giggle a little on the inside.)

7) reading the new york times makes you smarter.

8) taking the day to read the times….probably not so much.

9) i am more disappointed in TARGET than i thought was possible…i LOVE that store.http://abcnews.go.com/Business/target-best-buy-fire-campaign-contributions-minnesota-candidate/story?id=11270194

10) i am the luckiest.

and one to grow on

judgement can be poison.  no one is above being judgement. whether it be to judge or to be judged.  may we all strive to be open to others.  to assume that people come from a place of goodness until we are proven wrong, no matter where they live, the god they believe in, the color of their skin, or the dollars in their wallet.  we all have a story that has brought us to where we stand in the present. we all come from a mother and a father.  in that, we are all the same.

6 responses to “what i learned monday”

  1. Holly B

    Fall is my favorite time of the year too. I simply fell in love with it and the colors when we moved here to Ohio. All of it….. beautiful .

  2. Kate

    I was laughing at the heavy breathing. I *almost* said something too … I am sorry that I missed the C word though. I think I might have laughed out loud…

  3. Ellen Finger

    The c-word was Michael’s 11th word. He was two, and I came home from the Vagina Monologues and pretty much performed the show for my hubby. I guess Michael was paying attention.

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