What I learned Monday #216

1) I have had the word “rabbinical” running through my head for several weeks.

2) flowers in pots outside mean new navigation for blind dog.

3) it makes us even after she leaves wet licky spots on my pillow.

4)I do not recommend rolling icy hot on freshly shaved armpits instead of deodorant

5)watching Going Clear on Easter seemed perfectly reasonable.

6) it’s great if someone’s teachings work for you but L. Ron Hubbard wasn’t a great guy.

7) I can’t wait for home grown strawberries.

8) this waking up at 2 am and staying up is dumb.

9) I read recently that there is a new movement in parenting that chooses to not teach their kids to share. The logic being that we don’t share as adults.  I think this misses the point which is to further altruistism. Way to further the entitlement movement y’all.

10) if Spring had waited one more moment I don’t think I would have made it.

and one to grow on:

i have been nearly paralyzed by the amount of ugliness in the world the last couple of weeks.  There was those testing would-be infidels on the Quran that led to the murder of 147 children in Kenya. mr. Scott being murdered after a traffic stop in charleston.  A new mother leaving her baby in a dumpster in myrtle beach. Another leaving her quadriplegic son in the woods near Philadelphia so she could visit her boyfriend unincumbered.  I ask out loud, where is the humanity?  Hear these stories, hold a mirror up to yourself and count the ways that you are like these victims. Choose to be the mother or wife or sister of any of them.  Let’s spend a moment standing in the outrage.  Then let’s vow to be different. To rid the world of this ugliness one small slice of beauty at a time.


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