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  1. aims

    i’m covered in tattoos too.. including one clear across my chest in case the arms arn’t visible and i’ve come to the decision that ma’am is cause they’re scared as hell… LOL!!! 😉
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  2. Scargosun

    I hate when I am running and I say hi to people and they ignore me. I mean, I am flipping RUNNING the least you could do is acknowledge me. Awesome punishment by the way.
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  3. dushie

    I love it when you are wrong too.

    That being said, I’m pretty sure that you have over looked something that you learned. I think it had something to do with cashew nuts and that awl you need are like 5 or 6 of them to stay regular.

    Zigby and the Goose feel the same way about their brother using the same bathtub.

  4. dushie

    just fixing my comment love is all.
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  5. dushie

    I think you might be wrong. ♥
    Please tell me you meant cashews MAKE you poop. I would hate for cashews to mark you poop.
    dushie recently posted..Unfinished Business – installment 2

  6. the warbler continued

    […] quietly, but with much pomp and flailing. i’ve mentioned the showering thing (see number 3 what i learned monday).  he can’t talk or whistle or breathe too […]

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