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  1. dushie

    Dearest hostest with the mostest,

    I learned on Saturday night that Raggedy Ann and Andy costumes ARE totally creepy.
    I prefer it when people can’t tell it’s me.
    No matter how hard I try not to touch anything or sit down, I still succumb to cat allergies.
    I like jello shots….well, shot.
    I learned that Dushie is still cute even with cootie garages on either side of her head.
    I said goodbye to you and missed Stubby on the way out. I thought of it when I got to my car and was going to come back but then I had a 6 in a row sneeze attack so I didn’t. I learned to make sure I remember to catch BOTH hosts before departing.
    I learned that John Finger is much taller in real life.

    dushie recently posted..La La Land and a little Sidney Poitier on the side

  2. dushie

    I just learned that I should have written Hostess.
    dushie recently posted..La La Land and a little Sidney Poitier on the side

  3. Kristin aka Shaggy 2 Dope

    Bummed about Catherine’s allergies because by the time my sister-in-law Ellen (I am Finger’s sister, Little Finger) told me which guest she was, she was gone! I wanted to introduce myself to E’s Dushie, because yet one more benefit to knowing E is enjoying Wink at Me blog also. (too tired to clean up that grammar…)

    Hi Catherine, I’m Kristin!

    Thanks for a fun time. Still talking about the great spread, still gently massaging sore scalp from corn rows. Glad we found you at the fire pit before we left!

  4. Ellen Finger

    Well, the Fingers don’t need to be told to say good bye to their host and hostess since the Fingers usually need to be shown the door in the wee hours of the morning!! While he suffered the effects of eating WAY TOO MANY pumpkin seeds, John Finger had a fabulous time – as did I – and yes, Dushie C, my man is a big boy! You know what they say about those tall mugs of water…they make big dents in the bed. HAHAHA!

  5. dushie

    Fingers for everyone!!!!

    psst Dushie, I think we are being outnumbered by fingers.

    Little Finger, Kristin – I did catch a glimpse of a girl in cornrows – that must have been you! We’ll have to figure a way to be in the same building sometime so we can meet. Thanks for reading my blog o’crap and mustaches.

    Finger by association Ellen, I’ve got news for you sister, you know that dent in the bed from the movie Psycho? You know, where the dead mother slept? Well that is what my bed looks like cause I take soooo many naps after downing my lunchtime Shirley Temples.

    And to the final Finger, tall mug of water John. Good luck with the vid. If you need a reenactment of the tampoon scandal for the vid, let me know I’d be happy to play the part of myself, Dushie soccer star extraordinaire who was the first to spot the evidence on the pitch.
    dushie recently posted..La La Land and a little Sidney Poitier on the side

  6. JenBallz

    Well thank Gawd it wasn’t me. I said bye and thanked you and didn’t insult you. I hope it wasn’t the same person being rude in both ways.
    We had such a great time, neither one of us wanted to leave, but alas, the joys of having children… I do have a follow up question though….. do you have two dogs? Because I think I’ve only ever(the whole 2 times I’ve been there) seen the one. Or do they look alike? Whichever was sporting the halloween sweater the other night, I fell in love with just a little, what a lovey dog.
    PS – here’s a secret between you and me (and all your readers) – the oldest male adult in my household is scared of Raggedy Ann and Andy. Has been since he was little. hee hee.

  7. dushie

    JB –

    Sorry but I have dibs on Rudy.
    dushie recently posted..La La Land and a little Sidney Poitier on the side

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