what I learned Monday

1) i was a lot happier before the bug learned how to work the dvr

2) when you realize that your beloved child stopped recording a soccer game you were hoping to see, it’d be better if it was the last 24 minutes of the game that was recorded rather than the first.  lucky for him the game ended 0-0.

3) my kids are dancers.

4) my kids are scene stealers.

5) family and friends think that the goose is my clone.  poor kid.

6) my love of laughter is hereditary.

7) everything goes well with vodka…or so i’ve heard

8) you can NEVER get enough sleep

9) some people really can’t play sport for fun.

10) my mother and cousin T will stay up late, as long as there is wine to drink and stuff to talk about, and i am jealous that i missed it.


11) love as hard as you can, because there is nothing else in life that is so worth the risk.

7 responses to “what I learned Monday”

  1. angryworkingmom

    I especially love #7 😉 Because on the days that it’s not a smiles and giggles it’s nice to have something to take the edge off (and by edge I mean not killing the kids)!

  2. EH Shuba

    amen sister! thanks for stopping by

  3. JoanHolly-Well

    2. he did you a favor – its not an American sport – best to leave that sport to the Euros… no?

    7. Vodka? hmm let me ask would almost everything go great with it?

    9. It is more fun to win…. isnt it?

  4. Simona

    You know Monday is for the most part – a crappy day. I would be more interested on what you learned on say a Tuesday, Friday or even a Saturday but Never on a Monday.


  5. LisaB

    I have been a very bad Pootie. I am so behind on my blog reading. Between cramps that could crush a naval cruiser and a migraine that has rendered me bitchy, I have not been in the mood to do much. I promise to get all caught up on blog reading.

    Yes, vodka goes with everything!
    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love, Love, Love!

    Hugs to Dushie! All five ratties told me to give rattie kisses to you and yours! :)

  6. EH Shuba

    i’ve been a bad writer this week, so we’re even.  hope you are feeling better.  this is the week of the margarita. send the ratties our love

  7. ivwncrqm

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