what I learned Monday

1)egg salad made at 9pm easter is much crunchier than usual…may have correlation to amount of alcohol consumed by creator of said salad. 

2)i can spend HOURS looking for split ends on my own head…obsess much?  well, i am part monkey. 

3)stubby hubs hunk makes a mean beef bourguignon.  

4)people i know in real life, have started referring to stubby hubs hunk as a variation of that name….and this pleases me beyond belief. 

5)playing soccer with allergies is the opposite of fun. 

6)i need more practice launching snot rockets. 

7)i almost feel badly for the girl who is giving my nasty feet a pedicure today….almost. 

8)two woman who are really good friends, may be perceived as lesbians. really?! come on people get a hobby (thank you housewives of new york). 

9)people you have known for a really long time can still surprise you…in a good way.

10)men will say anything to get laid.  never was this more true than when stubby hubs hunk told me how beautiful i looked…i had a raw red nose, chaffed lips, and sounded like elmer fudd.  it still worked though.  what can i say, i’m a sucker. 

and one to grow on 

11)sometimes the best way to show some one unconditional love, is to let them fall on their face….and then be there to pick them back up when they do.

2 responses to “what I learned Monday”

  1. LisaB

    I bet you are one hot mother fluffer when you are sick. I am just saying.

    Duh, men would lie to the pope if they thought they could get laid. Um, not laid by the Pope but by some hot Italian chick…yeah, that’s what I meant to say.


  2. EH Shuba

    thanks lady! love mother fluffer.  may have to use that

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