what I learned Monday

1) chocolate eggs have about a 2 hour shelf life in the sun in plastic eggs 

2) kids will eat gnarly runny chocolate eggs after shelf life expiration 

3) some people believe a word i say 

4) my children are not a part of that group. 

5) no good can come from drinking ouzo….ever….ask any one you know who is greek 

6) i don’t like the sound of dogs chewing on raw hide treats 

7) i do like the sound of their nails clippity clopping on the hard wood floors

8) getting tackled by a woman 60 pounds heavier than me still hurts a week later 

9) edible easter basket grass in neither grass like nor edible

10) the dogs will eat edible easter basket grass…perk, it doesn’t make their poop all clingy like the other stuff does.

and one to grow on 

11) i am the luckiest.  i am loved.  the greatest gift is be loved and to give love in return

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