4 responses to “what i learned monday #62”

  1. Ellen

    #2 is not entirely true! My sister LOVES heat – the hotter and more humid, the better. She comes alive when she’s sweating and everyone else is slowly dying. Isn’t she crazy?!?!!! Oh, and I totally agree with #9 (cough – blasphemy – cough). Luckily, studies show that spelling isn’t connected to intelligence. It’s like the ability to curl your tongue – either you got it or you don’t. (I can spell, but I can’t curl my tongue.) XO

  2. Susan Petersheim

    ” poison ivy” the plant or the villain in Batman? Cuz my boys watched that last week and now they are in love with Uma. And yes, they are 9 & 7.

    Thing I just realized about myself….. Maybe i should monitor their viewing habits a little more closely.

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