6 responses to “what i learned monday #65”

  1. Susan Petersheim

    Love. Especially “one to Grow on”. Thank you for these beautiful words.

  2. JD

    I love you just the way you are…did you sing that one to yourself?! Family, rain, 7 hr drives to/from New England… I’m so there with ya. On the road still actually 😉

  3. Ellen

    To #1: Yes, I too have been known to sing for entire trips. One time, while driving to Yellowstone, I sang a song I made up without stopping for oh, about 6 hours. My dad still talks about it frequently. But my best moment may have been when I repeated the word “pie” every two seconds for 5 hours on the way home from Cooperstown, just because it made Johnny laugh.
    One to grow on: We’re similar that way. Don’t go changin’ – I know you never would. :)

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