What I learned Monday #72 on Tuesday

1) I am confused by the line that always forms before opening time at the chinese buffet place.
2) I should always check the jacket I have taken off the coat rack. Not only am I unsure to whom it belonged, but it was covered in pet hair the one color of an animal we don’t own.
3) never underestimate how far an old dog can walk. She did sleep a lot the rest of the day though.
4) it’s Halloween time. This makes for a VERY happy monkey.
5) sometimes, no matter how many angles you look at it, a situation can still be mis-predicted.
6) I like life with fewer variables.
7) we can only follow the rules we have been given. Inferred rules don’t count.
8) I will not hurt people on my own team. In soccer or in life. This is more of a reminder….
9) powerlessness breeds frustration and contention.
10) I may never understand why I have one hair on my bicep that doesn’t know when to stop growing. I know it’s time to yank it out when it gets long enough to tickle me.

One to grow on

My family is being peripherally effected by a horrible bit of health news. This has me thinking about the importance of saying what you mean and meaning what you say. This belief has caused me much grief in my life. As I’ve said before, I don’t know any other way to be. I have realized, in my growing years, that people don’t do this often enough. I would say start with good news. Rather than thinking, that was a nice thing to do, tell the person. Recently, my team played a less experienced team. As were are likely to do, we were cheering them on when they were doing well. We have all been there before and know how frustrating it can be to get pummeled, but how playing with kind people can temper that frustration. The team captain for the new team emailed our captain thanking us for being so kind and supportive. She could have kept it to herself. I was warmed by the fact that she chose instead to share her feelings. It was a sense that has stuck with me since. As we embark on this health care journey with our friend I am reminded how important it is to tell people when you think well of them. Heroes are not always made by running into a burning building. Sometimes, just by lifting a person up, you can be someone that they remember, maybe forever. I’m in this world to make my mark, aren’t we all?

4 responses to “What I learned Monday #72 on Tuesday”

  1. allie miller

    I enjoy your blogs. I have also learned to say more nice things, no matter how random. You are right, sometimes it is the smallest act of kindness that can brighten a day.

  2. Lisa

    I’ve been talking with my class about everyday leaders and heroes. This soccer story is perfect and I plan to share it with the kids. Thanks!

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