What I learned Monday #77

1)nothing says happy birthday like sushi in bed. That is not a euphemism.
2)I am thankful for my big family and that they all are willing to come to our house. We’ll miss you buddy and Erin.
3)I like American horror story more than walking dead.
4)turf rash is the new creamy thighs.
5)it’s still dark out at 6am even after daylight savings time.
6) when the goose left for school this morning she said tootle loo. My grandmother always used to say that. Freaky.
7) it turns out that we are having 17 people for thanksgiving this year. No one was added I just hadn’t done the math yet. Since I thought we were having 11 I was a bit under prepared. Shocking.
8)nothing says “hello 40” like a vagina cake.
9)it’s more difficult than you may think to get people to eat a vagina cake.
10)nothing say “oy 40” like having a red headed slut for your last call drink. They say you live and learn….I’m still just living.
And one to grow on:
I can not be thankful for what I have without thinking of others who have less. I don’t necessarily mean money. I have people that love me on my good and bad days. I have my health. I know if that should falter that my children will be left in good loving hands. I will raise my full glass over my full plate while sitting at my very full table on Thursday. While I think of how lucky I am, I will also be thinking of a very strong woman laying in her bed surrounded by her family. I will think of those who will go out into the cold November day to have a dinner prepared by volunteers. I will think of children who will be thankful for the past days they have shared with parents no longer here. I will think of those who in their heart of hearts wish for mended relationships with family. I will give thanks. I’m not special, but I am the luckiest.


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  1. Shawn

    That cake is soooooo disturbing…

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