what i learned monday

1) sunscreen is important

2) getting poison ivy on boobs is just ridiculous.

3) teleconferences are not for those with attention challenges.

4) i can no longer party like it’s 1999.

5) i’m a sucker for a tv marathon.

6) pet rats with cherry tomato sized lumps may not need to have a dose of the sleepy pink juice.

7) i probably should have taken lumpy pet rat to vet before buying baby replacement rats.

8) i love a parade.

9) i love watching my kids scramble for candy being launched from floats in parades even more.

10) people will buy a quilt that i make…on purpose.

and one to grow on

when you say what you mean and mean what you say, people will stop looking for a deeper meaning.

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3 responses to “what i learned monday”

  1. jem

    excellent post. I dig it. …and empathies for your poor, poor skin. I once had poison ivy on my boobs so bad I just wanted to sit, cry and scratch. them. raw. …(wanted being the key word here).
    it was horrific, especially on the underside, not nip,…right where you get sweaty and hot from summer weather, bras, bathing suit…. ugly.
    And, I had my first taste of parade candy throwing with Ava today. She thought it was KILLER.
    Nothing like it to make a mother’s heart sing,… a happy, happy child.
    All love Gumdrop,

  2. Holly B

    Ive never had poison ivy *knock wood* but I got attacked by chiggers last year while camping. Thought I would scratch my flesh off. Nothing made it stop. If poison ivy is anything like that, count me out.

    Hope youre on the mend soon !!


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