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  1. Mary Chairs

    I had one of those melt downs yesterday. He was leaving for ski club. I asked multiple times if he had everything. I got snarky responses of YES – How many more times are you going to ask? Well, should have asked one last time because we got to the bus and he didn’t have his winter coat with his mountain pass. I thought I might hyperventilate. I drove him to Roundtop – not because he deserved to go but because I needed him to be away for several hours (counting to 10 wasn’t going to be long enough for me to recover) and I’d already paid for his dinner, lift tickets and rental (it all comes down to money in the end). As we drove in silence there were multiple flashing signs warning of ice. That’s when it hit me – what if there’s an accident? What if this is our last conversation? OMG, I AM going to hyperventilate. Well, it all went just fine. He went off to school this morning with both of us smiling – but I did keep his I-touch (gave him his cell phone for an emergency – I could still hyperventilate). Parenting isn’t for wimps.

  2. Mary Chairs

    Maybe her phone is with his winter coat???

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