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  1. mr nobody

    8) I am impressionable.

    it aint just you. dr lecter explained it perfectly to young starling when he said “(we) covet what (we) see.” it is as true for buffalo bill as it is for all of us. it is the nature of being human.

    what is special about you is your ability to notice and admit this trait.

    most who walk around believe that their likes, dislikes, opinions and perspectives are their own (well, to a degree they are) as opposed to ideas that have been given to them whether by their parents, their church, their government or their suppliers of goods (corporations).

    9) stubby hubs hunk said he’s a tv widow. I blame Hulu.

    he may be on to something.

    we covet what we see.

    once one realizes this law, it can be used to their advantage, personally or, unfortunately, externally.

    have you noticed that despite the growing number of tv channels, the number of companies that own the channels is getting smaller?

    ever wonder why they call it “programming?”

    did you know that the flicker rate of an analog tv signal matches your brain’s cycle while in hypnosis (which is when we are most susceptible to suggestion)? ever wonder why for the big push to HD, 3D and digital tv?

    hulu’s commercial sure is snarky, but is it also mea culpa?

    they call it “secrets in plain sight.” it is often used in architecture (did you ever see the zodiac tiled into the ground just as you step into F&M’s main library. astrology and higher education? that sure seems like an odd mix.) but as a general technique, it can be used in any fashion. that halftime show sure seemed like more than just good choreography. lol. makes you want to do a double take at the mystery plays that unfold during the olympic opening ceremonies. LOL!

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