what i learned monday

1) Marvin Gaye’s let’s get it on is not appropriate music for a grocery store…duh

2) the bug is the sweetest boy alive.  after i slept in last wednesday, he came home from school and said, “it’s ok mommy, you deserve your beauty rest.”

3)my parents are home,and the lump has loosened from my throat.

4) people are no less interesting to me at 38 1/2 than they were when i was 4.

5)the goose is on the verge of becoming a young woman.  i’m not sure i’m ready.

6) people are surprised to find that i have a brain and an ounce of depth.

7) i can not be in two places at once, but not for lack of trying.

8) i can be one place in my head, while my body is at another.

9) i will keep it together for the 6 more days of school. i will i will i will……..maybe

10) i am the luckiest!

and one to grow on

when we boil down our wants to their most simple state, we just want to know that we are loveable and that we are good.

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4 responses to “what i learned monday”

  1. Catherine

    You are both loveable and good.

    How do you feel about me being on the verge of becoming an old woman?

  2. Your Mother

    I felt the same way when I was your age. I love you too.

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