What I learned Monday #97

1) there are still moments in adulthood that feel like getting picked last for kickball.
2) after losing gabby, calling to make reservations for the other dogs at our kennel, was somewhere between root canal and finger nails being ripped out.
3)Sometimes I don’t play a word in scrabble because i’m afraid it will offend the person I am playing.
4) I love prednisone because you can scratch with wild abandon.
5) I love prednisone because it makes me feel peppy.
6) gardeners tan (that 2 inch strip of skin on your back that is revealed while weeding in the garden) is equally hot to farmers tan. Which is to say not very.
7) “please dump mulch on the far side of driveway.” to the delivery man means, please dump in front of garage door so we can’t get in our out. You have been warned.
8) the nachos alone at bulls head tavern are worth returning for. They make them with potato chips people… Potato chips!
9)you must be very brave to get on stage in front of your peers. When you are 11&12 this is even more true.
10) another person can only knock you down if you allow them to.
And one to grow on

The truth hurts. Sometimes the truth makes your heart sing. Then there are the times that the truth knocks you off solid ground. In a recent discovery of truth, I was told that a mechanism should have been created to protect people from learning the truth. While it hurt. It hurt deeply, I can’t say I would rather it not be revealed. I would so rather fight for something from solid ground than later realize that my castle was made of sand. Would you stay in a relationship if you knew your partner had one foot out the door? Would you throw your hat in the ring for a position where all eyes rest on another person? You wouldn’t if you knew. Well, I wouldn’t.
So yes, the truth hurts, but the truth will also set you free. That freedom rings eternal.

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  1. Marie Nicole

    I’ve often said how I wished I had but one superpower: the capacity to hear people’s thoughts so I could truly know what they thought about me. I want to know my bad. I want to know if I smell like garlic. I want to know what my most annoying trait is. I want to know who secretly wants to poke my eyes out. Maybe it would make me a better person after it tore me apart?

    Potato chip nachos? Yum!
    Marie Nicole recently posted..Twenty Reasons Why I Love My Mom

  2. Laura

    I would always pick you first for kickball, now basketball, on the other hand, may be next to last:) I am sorry about Gabby. It makes me giggle some of the scrabble words. Like, toot, boob.:) Love you, Laura

  3. Amanda

    Booo! I would never be offended by a word you could play, don’t worry! So sorry to hear about the other things… :( Reading your posts is always awesome- you’re so insightful and fabulous, even when you’re sad. I hope things start to look up for you. :)

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