5 responses to “what i learned monday episode 39”

  1. dushie

    My dearest ruffian,

    Don’t you dare try to take me to a place that serves quail eggs over venison, pasta with fish eyeball cream sauce or sweat bread souffle. The mere thought has thrown me into a panic. It is all beyond weird to me.
    You might be needing some tough love yourself.
    dushie recently posted..Footprints in my snow

  2. Ellen Finger

    Just lie to your dushie about the food you make her eat. “It’s chicken. Shut up and eat it.” I do that with my kids, and I always did that with my grandmother and it worked. Of course, my kids can’t read yet and Nana was sheltered and senile… and Catherine can actually read the menus (AND this blog), so … maybe you can just forget my idea.

  3. Jill

    Agreed on #1. But you might as well get ruffian tatooed on you somewheres. Or sweetheart. Hope you had fun getting ice cream.

  4. dushie

    Ellen is your evil minion.
    dushie recently posted..Footprints in my snow

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