what i learned monday episode 45

1) while green tea is a lovely remedy for a sore throat and cold, it is in no way a substitute for coffee.

2) i may have a serious coffee addiction.

3) it is cruel and unusual punishment to get a humdinger of a cold the same time as aunt flo visits.  it’s the proverbial one two punch, and i’m on the losing end of a TKO.

4) after a weekend spent sick in bead, i am always intrigued by the layer of funk that covers all surfaces of the kitchen.

5)stubby hubs hunk can hold down the fort like no other…thanks babe

6) i am number 4 is way better than the twilight movies.  i was flanked by kids holding their hands over their eyes at the spookiest bits.

7) the downside of sleeping an illness away, is the bizarre dreams.  i was convinced when i woke up that the basement was flooded…..with mashed potatoes.

8) i am constantly confused by the dichotomy that exists in the goose.  she will forget to take her socks off when she gets into the shower, but will remember that i told her i would die her hair a week prior.

9) i still think i see our cat zoe sunning her self on the porch when i let the dogs out sometimes.

10) cecile richards’ legs go up to my shoulder.  i’m not even kidding….

and one to grow on

my friend annie sent me a lovely email recently.  she told me that she realized recently that she, being a creature of habit, reads “what i learned monday” at the same stop light on her way to work every morning.  we thought it would be fun to hear where you get your monkey wrench fix.  if you are so inclined, leave a comment here on the blog, so all can see.  fyi, i am the only one who can see your email information when you enter it to comment.


10 responses to “what i learned monday episode 45”

  1. Karen

    I get my fix at work. The Monday one always brightens my work week a bit. I definitely agree with a lot of these this week. Will now take kids to I am number four.

  2. C

    if not already checking out the latest ‘news’ on fb~usually (when I am there) at the gym (such as this morning) and it’s a great way to start my day.

  3. Ellen Finger

    On the shitter…which is where I am right now, of course. You see (don’t tell me this is TMI because you asked!!), I generally am a bit constipated, and I guess I subconsciously use monkey wrench as a mental laxative. Seriously, I love it and you! XOXO

  4. Jill

    Katie was telling us at dinner that she had a nightmare last night – which we already knew b/c she woke all of us up to tell us. I told them about yours, and Erin Donovan, very matter of fact, immediately asked “How is that a nightmare?” Anything involving potatoes to this child could not be a nightmare, unless it is a famine I suppose. And I read it everywhere (on my phone) but comment from the comfort of home. :)

  5. Lisa

    I round out my Monday with it at around midnight. It leaves me satisfied and relaxed, ready for bed.

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