8 responses to “what i learned monday episode 46”

  1. tina Futty

    You are HILARIOUS!!! and ps, btw, I just last week, told my son about the word BONER. He was horrified!
    Peace and Love. Tina

  2. M Mom

    Are you saying you are doing a “do over” after a horrific childhood?
    Love, Your Mother

  3. Jill

    [gasp] #7 is a misdemeanor in 10 states west of the mississippi. if it’s green, it better be a jalepeno, tomatillo, avocado, or green onion.

  4. Ellen Finger

    I think vegetables, while magnificent in the right setting, have no place in Italian food either. Red gravy, noodles, some cheese…that’s all you need! Oh, and I taught sex ed. to sixth graders, so I got all kinds of interesting questions! I will have to tell you the story of when I begged my sister (a nursing student) to come in and teach the class for me – it backfired!!! :)

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