what i learned monday episode 53

i know it feels like a trend, but this week i wrote them and then didn’t publish them….oops

1)even perfect people make mistakes sometimes.

2)mother nature does not want me to finish spreading the mulch.

3)i don’t like the new word press format.

4) i love being with the person who shouts something without thinking.  it’s so much better than BEING that person.  “there’s gold in them thar hills.”-JP

5) the most stressful thing about personality tests is that i might be misunderstood.

6) the only thing the goose needed was a creepy crawler in my shower to make her use her own.

7)stubby hubs hunk had a good time dressing me down…with his words not his hands.

8) never underestimate the importance of being cool….when hanging out with 4th-6th graders.

9) i am tracking the voyage of my ipad as if i were on the cruise myself.

10) big boobs and soft stops in soccer are almost impossible.  so much so when one is completed, the soft stopper may just yell out in glee and make the ref blush.

one to grow on:

sometimes i get annoyed by my own voice.  i think of these great revelations.  great to me.  you all have probably stumbled on these things long ago. there is something in me that needs to share these things that i find.  there is something else in me that wants to tell myself to sit down and shut up.  this might be my version of writer’s block.  i always have something to write i just can’t always convince myself that it’s worthy of writing.  my dear friend recently found out that she was an introvert.  this got me thinking…i might be an introvert and an extrovert.  like dual personalities that are constantly waging battle for control.  i am your father…come to the dark side.  i am on the dark side and i want out.  yeah, not sure anyone’s doing any growing…but at least you have heard the voices inside my head.  so now when you see me answering them you’ll know what the hell i’m doing.



4 responses to “what i learned monday episode 53”

  1. innie

    I’ll have to give you the introvert quiz and see if you belong under the rock along side me.

  2. JenBallz

    I’m pretty sure you’re cool to everyone – not just 4th through 6th graders. They don’t even know how cool you are.
    The annoyed by the sound of your own voice thing made me chuckle. I have to hear myself over and over again at work, since the boss man made me do all those annoying recordings everyone hears. I have actually gotten texts from fellow employees on my days off – just letting me know how tired they are of hearing me.
    What personality test did you do?

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