what i learned monday

1) little things make me happy.

2) morning always comes too soon.

3) still rocking the wonders of margaritas in a box.

4) i’m really not a fancy coffee kind of girl, but i keep trying…because they look so good.

5) pizza, writing, online shopping, and bed makes a perfect mother’s day weekend.

6) we’ll be having both kids at sleep away camp for the same week this summer.  when i told stubs his smile was so big, his face almost exploded.

7)a week without both of my kids will be way too long.

8) our dogs would prefer to play with the sad “skin” of a nerf pool ball, than a new toy. 

9)i’m crafty….shhh don’t tell anyone. 

10)i’m finding that there is a definite correlation between writers and dorkdom and i don’t mean only me….

and one to grow on 

in simplicity we find the merits of our lives. it’s never easy for me to stop and smell the roses, but i do smell the heads of my children and that has to be closer to heaven anyway. 

4 responses to “what i learned monday”

  1. Holly B

    # 10 – dorkdom – lol!!! I resemble that remark =]


  2. EH Shuba

    thanks holly! dorks of the world unite

  3. Sofia Vergara

    #10. I am not sure the with regard to the “writing” as whether there truly exists a correlation. I think some of us are simply destined to be “Dorky”. And if we are gonna keep it real…. Envelope please….well I am happy to inform you – Dorky. The German Camp sealed it.

  4. EH Shuba

    ah sofia! in all things there must be balance.  i couldn’t have you think my youth was spent merely in the bath houses of new england.  oh and takes one to know one

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