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  1. jem

    what an excellent post E. Honest, and clear and straight from your heart,..into others. i couldn’t agree with you more rgd parenting and teaching tolerance and respect for all humankind,…animal kind etc.
    I am a Catholic now, and love my Faith,…however, I attribute my understanding of tolerance to my childhood Unitarianism. It is within my fabric, and for that i am ever thankful.

    I was never persecuted as a young child, or young adult,…but i find now, that i swim against another stream as an adult, as an alcoholic. … i can’t help but feel that ..”misunderstanding” from certain people in my life,…their judgement per sey…. i am just fine with it,..but it is there, and it is a strange set of feelings to sort through some days. Maybe they don’t think I can truly live life happily without enjoying a glass of wine, beer or whiskey,…sometimes i ask myself why?…maybe, maybe, b/c they don’t need to live without it… ?
    and so they don’t understand my contentedness /need not to,? …my need to be different…idk, …
    If one allows themselves to delve too deeply into why others think the way they do,…THAT’S when we get ourselves into trouble. What matters is that I am still ME, my happy go lucky, and ofttimes depressive old self, without it. And am more blessed than I ever could have imagined i’de be…as the different girl, an alcoholic.

    Anyhow my love, thanks for your post.
    As always, your childhood pal.

  2. JenBallz

    You really do touch our hearts with these posts. Jr. High is a bad memory for me too. I worry about my kids facing this every day. Both of them do, in some way or another…… whether it’s rude comments under another kids breath (which luckily only I have overheard) or pressure in high school to conform (which luckily my kiddo just doesn’t seem to want to do) it’s tough for kids who seem fairly “the norm”. Why should there be a norm though? This world would SUCK if we were all the same. I have a cousin and a friend at work who are gay and they bring me a great amount of joy on a regular basis. They still live every day with criticism for their lives.
    I’m going on the record here: I love twinsets. I can’t wear them because they don’t do anything at all for my personal set of twins, but hey, I can cope.

  3. JenBallz

    Okay, I got distracted by something shiney and lost my train of thought. When I said that it’s tough enough for kids who seem fairly “the norm” I meant to follow it with – I cannot imagine the pain for kids who are outside of societies stupid norms. A very good friend of my daughters committed suicide a couple of years ago because of bullying. He was a kid I thought was AWESOME. So he was different. Good for him. We should teach our kids to applaud people who don’t conform, not bully them.

  4. Jingle

    being different is cool,
    I love all kinds of characters, which make each and everyone of us special,
    life is less boring due to our differences…

    stunning piece.
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  5. Jingle


    welcome to Poets Rally week 30,
    let me know if you have a poem ready,
    Thanks for the support.
    hope to see you in.
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